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Welcome to Teamly, the platform that gathers all project stakeholders under one virtual roof for fluid communication, to quickly resolve issues and strategize for success. You're probably concerned about leading a team through a big transition. You don't want to lose any ground, don't want to lose information and definitely don't want to lose any team momentum. 

Good news! Your life just became a whole lot easier. With Teamly, there's no more missing out on critical messages, no harrowing searches for files within a variety of platforms.

Teamly allows you to thoroughly monitor projects, while at the same time build autonomous and motivated teams. Plus, with features like time tracking, audio message and file storage, you won't need any other application or software. Teamly is the virtual space that no one wants to leave because everything is right there, within arm's reach.

Just like the software, we've made the setup process simple and fluid. So settle in. We're going over the steps to smoothly onboard your crew to Teamly. 

Create a Workspace

The workspace is Teamly’s highest tier. Unless you have multiple unrelated businesses, you'll create just one.

Teamly guides you through the onboarding steps to create a workspace, choose a color scheme and invite users.

1. Enter a name for your Workspace

2. Upload an avatar for your Workspace or select a color theme.

3. Invite users to your Workspace. Add users email addresses separated by a comma and click Next.

We strongly recommend that you take advantage of this step by inviting a few users, but if you choose to forego it, don't worry. There will be ample opportunities to extend invitations in the app.

4. Create your first project and add a logo.

You're all set! Welcome to the Teamly family!

After creating your workspace, we encourage your team to download the Teamly desktop app for the best experience which can be run on a Mac or PC computer.

Download the Teamly desktop app

We also provide a mobile app for teams on the move, available for both iOS and Android devices.

Download the Teamly mobile app

Learn the Ropes

Browse through our tutorials to learn how to use the software.

Lay a Foundation

Just like moving into a new home, bring in the boxes from your previous softwares and start to unpack them. Things will start to look familiar right away. 

  • Set up Projects 

You'll want to create a separate project for all your significant promotions, products and projects. 

Owners or administrators can Create project(s) within the left side panel.

Also Create a project by clicking on the ellipsis located on the right-hand side of the workspace name in the top navigation.

Add a title, description, and logo.

When the project is created it will be shown in the left side panel.

  • Set up Departments 

Departments are virtual “offices” where a group of people can discuss a specific topic. Teamly departments allow you to organize team communication. For example, you can create a Support, Sales, Engineering etc... department and add relevant users to them. Departments can be named in ways that make most sense to your organization.

With a business plan, you can create as many departments as you like, as well as determine which users have access to those departments. Every time a message is posted inside a department, everyone in that department is able to read it.

Select a project and click on the + icon next to Departments.

All users will be added to public departments. Individual users can be invited to private departments.

  • Send a Welcome Email

Reach out to your users with an email that expresses your hopes for the transition that include things like the purpose for the transition, timing for the transition, helpful resources and solicit feedback. 

Here's a sample of a welcome message you might send:

Hi Team,

As we've discussed, we're making the transition to Teamly, our new project management software.

Starting on [insert date] we will be rolling out Teamly. Teamly is a remote team centered app that brings together some of our best external tools in one place so that we can improve communication and create a more fluid workflow. In an effort to continuously offer our team with the best communication tools we'll be transitioning to Teamly. 
To get started please take the following steps.
1. All users were sent an invitation email to their work email address which can be used to log into your account using the Join the Workspace option. Alternatively, you can visit [Insert Workspace URL] and sign in with your work email address.
2. You can access Teamly via your web browser, by visiting their Member's Area to download the Teamly desktop app  or download the mobile app.
3. If you run into any trouble please ask for help in the [Insert department name] department within Teamly or email the IT team at [Insert Email Address].

Additionally, for general issues or questions Teamly offers a wealth of resources which includes their Help Center, Email Support and Live Chat Support
Please spend some time getting to know and exploring Teamly! We know that this will be a great experience for the team. Do not hesitate to reach out if there are any questions or concerns.
[Insert your name or internal department name]

  • Learn How to Send Messages 

Teamly makes it easy to share messages in various forms. Learn how to send messages, record audio messages, and capture screenshots.

Learn how to send messages

Record Audio Messages

Capture Screenshots

  • Learn how to track time

Teamly lets you easily track time for projects that you're working on. This will ensure that your work hours are captured in one place and you're paid for the time that you work.

Track time

View tracked time

  • Play around with workflows

Click on Workflows in the left sidebar. Learn how to add tasks, add columns, and look at workflows through board, task and timeline, task and board views.

Create Workflows

  • Learn how to create SOPs

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are detailed, written instructions that outline the steps and procedures that are necessary to perform a specific task or activity. These are the foundation of a well-run business because they help to improve efficiency, help to minimize errors, and keep your business compliant with regulations. Teamly lets you create custom and use templates to manage your organization's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Create SOPs

  • Learn how to add Files to your workspace

The process of adding files in Teamly is efficient and straight forward. Add files to your workspace that can be easily accessible and shared with your team.

Add Files

  • Set Permissions 

Whether you're an owner, admin, manager or general user Teamly makes it easy to set user permissions for these four user types.

User types in Teamly

Set user permissions

Let the fun begin!

Now that you're oriented, make sure new users are brought up to speed. Here's a few onboarding tips to keep in mind. 

  • Provide everyone access to a workflow. This way, everyone can learn how to change tasks, create columns, and archive workflows. 
  • Ease the team in by starting with easy projects or current promotions that everyone is familiar with.
  • Let them know the transition is gradual to ease up on anxiety and hold a virtual meeting to discuss concerns.

You're all set to create excellent products and make some clients happy!

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