Creating Custom Workflows with Teamly

Modified on Fri, 17 Mar 2023 at 02:24 PM

Teamly's easy-to-use Kanban Board let teams track work progress at a glance, so everyone knows exactly where Tasks are in the pipeline and who's working on them ... as a result, work remains organized, while moving forward at a brisk, efficient pace!

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to

  • Make custom workflows using Kanban boards

  • Create and assign Tasks to users

  • & Move Tasks between columns to indicate progress

To create a custom workflow:

1. Click Workflows in the left side panel.

2. Click the workflow picklist located in the top navigation bar. 

3. Select + New Workflow from the workflow picklist.

4. Enter a name for your workflow in the New workflow textbox.

5. Click the checkbox next to the names of the users who will be able to access this workflow.

Note: Users can't view a workflow unless they've been granted access.

6. Click the Create button.

Now that you've created your board, you'll want to add columns to your workflow. These columns keep work organized by indicating the stage of progress that Tasks are in. For example, you might create a Content Workflow by using the following columns:

  • Not Started
  • Writing

  • Under Review

  • Approved

  • Published

7. To create your first column, click the + New column button.

8. Enter the name of your column in the List title textbox.

9. Click the blue checkmark icon to finish creating your column.

10. Click the + New column button to add your second column.

11. Enter the name of your second column, then click the blue checkmark icon.

12. Repeat this process until you've finished creating your custom workflow.

Hint: If you need to reorder columns, just click the top of a column, then drag-and-drop it to your desired location.

Once you've finished creating your custom workflow, you're ready to create your first task.

To create a Task:

1. Click the + Add a Task button in the column that you want to add a Task to.

2. Enter a name for your Task in the Task title textbox.

3. OPTIONAL: Enter a description of your Task in the description textbox.

4. OPTIONAL: Click the Due Date button to select a due date for the Task.

5. OPTIONAL: Click the Priority button and select a priority to indicate the Task's importance.

6. OPTIONAL: Click the Add label button to add a Label to your Task. If you don't want to use a label, go to Step 12.

Note: Labels are fully customizable and can be used to further classify your Tasks.

7. After clicking the Add label button, click the + Create new label button.

8. Enter the name of your label in the New label textbox and select the color you want to associate with the label.

9. Click the Create label button.

10. Click the checkmark box next to the label(s) that you want to add to your Task.

11. Click the Add label button.

12. OPTIONAL: Click the Assign user button to assign user(s) to the Task. If you don't want to assign anyone to the Task yet, go to Step 14.

13. Click the checkbox next to the name of the team user(s) you want to assign the Task to.

14. OPTIONAL: Click the Choose files link to add files to your Task.

15. Once you're done editing your Task, click the Create button.

To move Tasks between columns:

Drag-and-drop Tasks to move them from one column to another.

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