The Basics: Workflows, Boards, Labels, & Tasks

Modified on Sat, 11 Nov 2023 at 07:16 PM

A workflow is the sequence of tasks a project moves through to get from “start” to “finish.” The Teamly software manages workflows visually, using four components: boards, lists, tasks, and labels.

  • Boards

A board is like a virtual bulletin board and it allows teams to collectively evaluate and update a project by tasks and work stages. 


  • Lists

Lists, or columns, on the board help to visualize a workflow and understand where tasks are in the work process. For example, you may want to add columns for “Upcoming”, “In progress,” “QA,” or “Done."

  • Tasks

Tasks can represent action items or ideas. Teamly’s fluid “click and drag” functionality allows teams to create a pull Kanban workflow, and move a task along a work sequence.

It’s also simple to sort tasks and evaluate them according to a variety of criteria, including their due date, labels, and assigned users. 

  • Labels

Labels allow you to further codify tasks. A little like virtual sticky notes, labels can be color coded for easy recognition, with labels that assign a task to a certain user, highlight the task as “priority,” or assign any other classification. 

Using these four components, project management is a walk in the park. Teamly's workflows benefits teams in three central ways: 

1. Increased teampower/collaboration, innovation and personal ownership
Teamly makes it easy for teams to develop their own tasks and workflows, which improves team initiative and drive. Chat boxes within each task encourage collaboration, as teams can discuss blockers or issues associated with the task.

2. Quick Project Evaluation

Nothing gets swept under the rug in Teamly. It's simple to evaluate a project from multiple angles by switching between tasks, boards, and timeline views, and sorting tasks by due date, priority, and label. 

3. Simple Sprint Planning

When work is visible to all members, it's effortless to evaluate the next iteration and assign tasks within a remote team.

And Teamly's software is intuitive, to boot. Teamly makes it painless to modify tasks and update timelines as a project evolves, and to stay organized by archiving workflows and columns for easy retrieval at a later date.

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