Quick-Start Guide to Teamly

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Teamly is a one stop shop for businesses to manage remote teams productivity. This includes real time chat, employee time tracking and monitoring, workflow and task management, screen capture and video recording and so much more. Teamly eliminates the need for email, other softwares and gives your remote team all of the tools they need to be successful in one user-friendly platform!

With Teamly, you can: 

  • Organize teams around specific projects and promotions.

  • Communicate in real time using direct messages, screenshots and screen capture videos.

  • Track hours.

  • Collaboratively develop workflows around tasks and lists.   

  • And more!  

Teamly offers three real-time chat functions: departments, threads and direct messages (DMs). Use the left side panel in Teamly to access departments and direct messages. 

Departments are essentially virtual “offices” where a group of people discuss a specific topic. Create public or private departments and determine which users have access to those departments. Make use of the "add sticky" feature within the departments to keep important information front of mind throughout daily discussions and threads.  

Direct Messages allow you to engage with individual users and with groups in, real-time discussions. 

Threads let you have sidebar conversations within direct messages and departments.
Teamly offers several real-time communication options, including typed messages, audio, video files, screenshots and screen capture videos. This versatility improves communication within your team, as it allows each member to choose the method that is most natural for them and best suited to the situation.

The left side panel is also where you access Workflows. These are boards that visualize a project by sequencing all its tasks, allowing you to see how close assignments are to completion.

Using community boards, teams can create their own task lists and develop workflows around a project, which fosters collaboration, innovation, and personal ownership. The Kanban “pull” workflow system allows teams to set WIP (Work in Progress) limits, reducing bottlenecks and making it easy to identify high-priority work items. 

Plus, Teamly allows you to automate deadlines for tasks, eliminating pressure to micromanage. 

Don’t let Teamly’s simplicity deceive you. It’s a robust software that organizes teams, streamlines projects, and keeps communication fluid.

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