Creating Custom Workflows

Modified on Mon, Oct 2, 2023 at 9:46 AM

Teamly's easy-to-use Kanban Board let teams track work progress at a glance, so everyone knows exactly where Tasks are in the pipeline and who's working on them ... as a result, work remains organized, while moving forward at a brisk, efficient pace!

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to

  • Make custom workflows using Kanban boards

  • Create custom columns

  • & invite users into the workflow

To create a custom workflow:

Click on the "Workflows" tab in the left side panel.

Click the workflow dropdown menu and then the "+" icon. This will bring up the create new workflow panel.

Give the workflow a name.

If you would like to invite users who do not exist in the workspace into the workflow click on the “Invite User” button. Enter their email address, set the user type and add a role if needed.

Users that already exist in your project will be shown as an option to invite them into that workflow. You can deselect or select the users that you’d like to add into the workflow. 

Pending users can also be invited into the workflow.

Users can't view a workflow unless they've been granted access.

Click on the "Create" button.

Now that you've created your board, you'll want to add columns to your workflow. These columns keep work organized by indicating the stage of progress that tasks are in. For example, you might create a workflow using the following columns:

  • Upcoming
  • QA (Quality assurance)

  • Completed

Click on “New column.” 

Give the column a title such as “Upcoming.” This is where for example, you can add all of your upcoming tasks. Click on the check icon.

To add another column you can click on “New column” again. Name it "QA" for example, for quality assurance and click on the check icon.

Last, add a new column for “Completed.”

In this example, a task will likely start in the "Upcoming" column and work its way to the "QA" or quality assurance column and then the "Completed" column.

Click on the drop down menu and hover over the name of your workflow. Select the settings or gear icon.

The "Settings" view is where you can rename or archive the workflow.

Click on the "Users" tab to view a list of users who are currently a part of that workflow. 

Search for users or add new users as needed.

Delete a user by clicking on the trash icon or click on the information icon to view a user’s profile details.

A user that does not have the trash icon next to their name means that they’re the one who created the workflow.

Click on workflows at the top left to return to the workflows configuration view.

Hint: If you need to reorder columns, just click the top of a column, then drag-and-drop it to your desired location.

Once you've finished creating your custom workflow, you're ready to create your first task.

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