Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are detailed instructions that outline the steps and procedures required to perform specific tasks. Teamly lets you create custom SOPs and includes SOP templates to manage your organization's standard operating procedures.

Click on SOPs in the sidebar.

Click into the SOPs tab to bring up the configuration view. Within this view you will see the option to Create new SOP on the left-hand side or top right-hand side.

After clicking on Create new SOP you will need to give it a name, choose a category and will have the option to select a blank or preset template. For preset templates, you can click on the view icon to preview the SOP.

Once you've selected your template you will be taken to the creation view where you can take several actions. This includes entering the details of the SOP, adding images, screen recordings, audio recording and much more. At the top right-hand side you will also have the options to undo/redo, publish and save.

After creating your SOP it will show in the SOPs sibebar view. Below are examples of unpublished (saved) and published SOPs. You will see the details of who and when the SOP was created.

⚠️ Be sure to save/publish your SOP before navigating back to the SOPs sidebar view.

To open an SOP hover over it and right click to bring up the dropdown menu and Open sop.

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