Getting Started for New Users

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If you're like many of us, you've had it rough with project management softwares in the past. We've all slogged through long workdays on those confusing interfaces with way too many tabs in the sidebar, where it takes 100 clicks to locate the report you were just looking at, and where you have to scroll through hundreds of old messages to locate critical stakeholder/client communications.

Rest assured, this pull-out-your-hair frustration is a thing of the past. Good things are around the corner!

With Teamly, all your messages, critical files, project details and timesheets are stored in one place, accessible right from your desktop. Our simple yet robust workflows promise to increase team collaboration and to ease up your workload during the day. And you needn't dread a steep learning curve: our intuitive software ensures you'll catch on quickly.

You're probably eager to get started. Follow these steps and best practices guidelines to make your first days with Teamly a breeze.

Set Up Your Profile

Once your admin team has invited you to your Teamly workspace you can install Teamly on your desktop, download the mobile app or access Teamly via a web browser to set up your profile. 

Add your user details, password and log in!

  • Personalize It

When you're logged in, click the Profile icon in the lower left corner of the side panel.

Click on the "Account" tab.

Click on the image icon on the screen to upload an image.

In the "Account" tab you can also update your name, timezone and set your location.

  • Configure Notifications

Teamly allows you to set notifications, so you only receive those messages you want to. 

Click the profile icon on the left side panel and "Notifications."

Set the notifications you'd like to receive for messages, tasks and Files/SOPs.

  • Learn How to Send Messages 

Teamly makes it easy to share messages in various forms. Learn how to send messages, record audio messages, and capture screenshots.

Learn how to send messages

Record Audio Messages

Capture Screenshots

  • Tracking Time

Teamly lets you easily track time for projects that you're working on. This will ensure that your work hours are captured in one place and you're paid for the time that you've worked.

Track time

View tracked time

  • Play around with workflows

Click on "Workflows" in the left side panel. Learn how to add tasks, add columns, and look at workflows through timeline, task and board views.

Create Workflows

  • Learn how to create SOPs

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are detailed, written instructions that outline the steps and procedures that are necessary to perform a specific task or activity. These are the foundation of a well-run business because they help to improve efficiency, help to minimize errors, and keep your business compliant with regulations. Teamly lets you create custom and use templates to manage your organization's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Create SOPs

  • Learn how to add Files to your workspace

The process of adding files in Teamly is efficient and straightforward. Add files to your workspace that can be easily accessible and shared with your team.

Add Files

Be a “Teamly” Player

Now that you know the basics, you're ready to connect, engage, and start using the Teamly platform.

  • Explore Departments

Departments are like virtual office spaces or meeting rooms where you discuss things related to a specific topic. Your administrator will have invited you to join any departments you're involved in, whether it's a team (such as Development, Customer Support, Graphic Design, Social Media,) or a project (such as Labor Day Sale).

Explore your departments by clicking on the department in the left side panel and scrolling through messages.

Settle In

You're all set! You'll get into the groove right away, and before long Teamly will feel like the comfy couch you never want to leave.

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