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Modified on Thu, Jul 18 at 10:26 AM

When a group of stakeholders have gathered and communicated, over a period of time it results in a lot of communication such as messages, SOPs, tasks and files shared. The Teamly search option makes it easy to locate a message, SOP, task or file from the distant or recent past. 

The search bar can be found on the top right corner of the user interface. Use keywords to search for specific messages. For example, if you enter the word "test" in the search field, all messages, tasks, SOPs and Files containing that keyword will be displayed.

Search results will be presented sequentially from top to bottom, encompassing chats, tasks, SOPs, and relevant files, if applicable.

Messages will showcase the user's icon along with their on/offline status. A concise preview of the message will provide information on the sender, where the message is located, and the date. Click on the message to navigate directly to its content.


If applicable tasks will be shown below chats. Click on the task to navigate directly to its content.


If applicable SOPs will be shown below tasks. Click on the SOP to navigate directly to its content.


If applicable files will be shown below SOPs. Click on the file to navigate directly to its content.

To explore all results for chats, tasks, SOPs, or files, click on the respective blue button positioned below each category.

To refine your search, click on "Advanced search."

In the "Advanced search" view, all results will be displayed under their respective tabs.

Click on the respective result to navigate directly to its content. 

On the right side of each category, you can tailor your search results with specific filters. Filter options will vary depending on the selected category.

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